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Water-Lipo The Wave of the Future

2009-09-23 14:53:00

Body-Jet water assisted liposuction now available in the Philadelphia area.

The new {!Body Jet | body-jet} Liposuction Philadelphia residents have been hearing about, is now available at Physician Body Solutions. It is the first of its kind, offering patients a new and safer liposuction option. Instead of destroying fat cells, the body-jet technique flushes them from the body. Because it is gentler than traditional techniques, body-jet liposuction can be performed on multiple areas of the body - including the stomach, thighs, arms, and the area under the chin - during the same surgical session. Philadelphia Body Jet Liposuction patients are now experiencing a more comfortable and faster procedure than traditional liposuction.

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While traditional liposuction basically destroys fat cells, BodyJet liposuction loosens the fat without requiring impact on the fat cell itself. Body Jet lipo uses less of the infiltration fluid usually required for standard liposuction. This reduction in fluid results in less swelling, improved patient comfort and decreased tissue trauma. The patient will be awake during the process and can work with the surgeon to obtain the desired result. The patient can even get up during the treatment. This is another advantage of the water assisted liposuction. It gives the patient the ability to see the results, even before the process has ended. This new method allows for the creation of new contours during surgery resulting in a smoother more contoured end result.

Physician Body Solutions with locations in Center City Philadelphia, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, and Voorhees, New Jersey is now offering Body-jet water assisted liposuction, a new standard in liposuction and fat harvesting. Water assisted liposuction offers many benefits when compared to traditional techniques, including: No need for heavy sedation or general anesthesia, reduced risk of skin dimpling, skin laxity, or irregular skin surfacing which can occur after other types of liposuction, minimal swelling both during and after the procedure for more precise contouring and increased comfort. The Body-jet procedure offers very little post-procedure discomfort, with most patients completely pain-free by day 4 and the ability to resume most normal activities only a day after the procedure.

Physician Body Solutions has created many firsts, being the first facility to offer high definition Philadelphia Smartlipo. The physicians at Physician Body Solutions have performed over 2000 procedures since the FDA first approved the Smartlipo procedure in November 2006. Physician Body Solutions is considered one of the most experienced facilities in the country in providing minimally invasive liposuction procedures.

�We are extremely pleased to be the first to offer Body-jet� water assisted liposuction in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley area,� said Dr. Victoria Falcone, Medical Director of Physician Body Solutions. �This pioneering technology will change the face of liposuction in the United States.�

For more information about the Body-jet� procedure contact Physician Body Solutions.

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